Dharma Shastra

Picture of Dharma Shastra
Swami Tejomayananda

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ISBN: 9788175978003

There is a common fallacy that dharma-shastra is concerned only with religion. This wrong notion has caused a lot of problems and controversies. This book explains that dharma is divine, universal constitution, and it deals with values that have a universal application. It also indicates the methods by which we can determine if an action falls within the ambit of dharma or not. The special dharma of students, householders, kings or rulers, and the various nuances of svadharma are discussed beautifully.

Desire management is another interesting topic of discussion here. Dharma-shastra is a precious practical guideline to live life intelligently, grow out of your desires and reach higher goals. The ultimate goal of dharma is to attain peace, prosperity and purity, leading to total fulfillment.