Facing Fear (Abhaya Vidya)

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Humanity's Final Frontier. A Deep Reflection on the nature of fear and the Means to fear It...

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ISBN: 9788175976665

Everyone is plagued with fears-fear of death, fear of public speaking, fear o losing our dear ones - being common to all. Facing Fear (Abhaya Vidya) goes into the very root of all fears and teaches us how to attain a state of total fearlessness. It also gives practical means of facing various fears.\r\n\r\nThis book written in the Upanishad style by Swamini Vimalananda, is a story of a seeker about how she faces a fearful situation while in solitude, with the knowledge of Vedanta. The commentary makes the deep Vedantika thoughts easy to understand. It provokes us into thinking about various aspects of fear in a holistic way