Gayatri & Mrityunjaya Mantra (Sa Swara)

Picture of Gayatri & Mrityunjaya Mantra (Sa Swara)
By Swami Brahmananda. Gayatri, Mrityunjaya and Om Namo Narayana Mantras.

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Sa-Swara Gayatri, Mrityunjaya & Om Namo Narayanaya Chanting\r\nSwami Brahmananda\r\nMantras are prayers that transform. When mantras are chanted with the right intonations and with proper understanding of its meaning, the negative tendencies of the mind are erased. The Gayatri mantra and the Mrityunjaya mantra, some of our oldest hyms, are potent, powerful and spiritually uplifting.\r\n\r\nSwami Brahmananda is at his best, bringing out the divinity in these chants

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