Hinduism: Sanatana Dharma

Picture of Hinduism: Sanatana Dharma
by Swami Nityananda

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ISBN: 81-7597-065-0

"Sanatana Dharma" the most ancient of all the living religions of today, a non-prophetic religion popularly known as "Hinduism" since the last few centuries, based on all-embracing universal love, the eternal values of life and human endeavor, time tested knowledge and wisdom, and all-comprehensive in its vision, has a permanent message enshrined in it, for the entire humanity irrespective of time, place and circumstances.\r\n\r\nHerein, Whenever the words of "Hinduism" and "hind" are used, they stand for the "Santana Dharma" and "A follower of Santana Dharma" respectively. Hinduism is not the name of the religion, but the "Way of Life" of the people inhabiting the land of the 'Sindu'. In this book Swami Nityananda (RS Nathan) covers the articles like What is Hinduism? Who is a Hindu? What is Sanatana Dharma? The fundamental Doctrines, The scriptures, The path of Yogas, etc. \r\n\r\nThis book provides you the introduction to "Santana Dharma" and is must read for everyone who wants to get the meaning of the subtle culture of Hinduism.