My Prayers (Large, Color, CD)

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My Prayers book large with glossy color print with complimentary CD

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ISBN: 9788175975200

A Book to Learn and not just Read and a CD to Listen not just Hear. "What is the need for Prayers?" a man once asked Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. To which Gurudev replied, "Why do we exercise?". "To keep the body fit". Likewise, "prayer keeps the mind fit !" Gurudev quipped.\r\nPrayer is the instrument that tunes our mind to the Divine. In our culture, each prayer has its role and purpose. Hence, with regular chanting and a proper understanding of the meaning of the prayer we can transform ourselves. Prayers take us to God, and bhajans keep us there. Together they make up an unbeatable pair.\r\nMy Prayers is a compilation of important prayers, their meanings and many bhajans allowing us to chant and sing to our heart's content. Illustrated colourfully to captivate the mind of children. And, if that's not enough, inside is an MP3 CD with the audio rendition of the prayers and bhajans of the book - 171 MP3 audio tracks (including 4 bonus tracks)\r\n\r\nHear and sing, learn and know but most importantly...remember to enjoy!\r\n