Notes On Purushasuktam, The Cosmic Being

Picture of Notes On Purushasuktam, The Cosmic Being
Purushasuktam is the most ancient hymn, found in the most ancient scriptures (Vedas) of the most ancient Cosmic Being (Virat Purusa). It takes us backwards in time, right to the dawn of creation and beyond, connecting us to everything and being of creation as part of a complete divine whole. It unfolds the fascinating process of creation as a divine act of sacrifice. The sheer expanse of the cosmos is mind-boggling. Imagine getting to know the Cosmic Being, the Master of countless cosmoses, the 'totality of all',as your own Self ! Swami Tejomayananda clarifies the subtle and deep aspects of these mystic mantras with references, notes and explanations. Do get introduced to your cosmic beginning and the Cosmic Being, and discover the Universal Oneness of creation.

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ISBN: 9788175977549