Shiva Shiva Namah Shivaya

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Shiva Shiva Namah Shivaya

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ISBN: 97881759976603

Teach your child to bathe Lord Shiva in the sacred waters of Ganges...... to offer him flowers from the most beautiful gardens... to feed him fresh, sweet fruit.... and to adorn him with fragrant sandalwood. Inspired by Adi Shankaracharya's Shiva Maanas Pooja, a Poem that teaches the art of performing Shiva Pooja within the vast expanse of our mind, this book is also a mental offering. As you turn the pages, the child performs the various step of pooja (Worship) and achieves a subtle connection with the Lord . Shiva Shiva -Namah Shivaya is a simple bedtime story that your child will love , in the process also instilling in him or her an early and enduring love for the Lord.